- Custom design jewellery including wedding and engagement rings.
- Repairs, cleaning and re-purposing of existing fine jewellery.
- Original and one-of a kind pieces in 14K to 24K solid gold, platinum or sterling silver, precious and semi-precious gem stones.



Jewellery Repair

Over time, with regular wear and tear, your most treasured pieces of jewellery may have lost their lustre, or become cracked, broken or loose. With care, skill and attention to detailed design, I can restore your precious jewellery.

You may have a special piece that you wish to hand down to a loved one. Heirloom pieces can be re-sized or altered to reflect the style of a younger generation and still maintain the original beauty and character of the piece.


Re-sizing service is performed on bracelets, necklaces or rings. Performed on site in my studio, the service includes working with you to determine the project requirements, such as, adjustment of the size, removal or addition of a piece of metal (for rings) or links (for chains and bracelets), polishing, cleaning of the piece, and overall technical and aesthetic inspection.


Removes impurities, dust and fingerprints from the surface of your fine jewellery. In some cases, I can also remove light scratches. I also offer Ultrasonic Cleaning, which is a deep, thorough cleaning that will remove the dirt from tiny crevices and bring back the original lustre of the piece. Please note that ultrasonic cleaning is not applicable for pearls, coins, emeralds and some other precious gems.


Restoration Services are performed on damaged or vintage pieces of jewellery to renew their aesthetic beauty and restore them to their original appearance.

At Dan Taylor Designs, I value artisanal traditions; using time-honoured methods and hand tools.

This level of hand work enables me to restore treasured jewellery that you hold particularly dear, as near as possible, back to their original condition or in some cases, even better.

The restoration service may include in-depth study, historic research, delicate work and even the manufacture of certain unusual parts. It is specialized and can sometimes take up to several months before the item is completed.


Although cleaning and polishing is often enough to bring back the original shine and brilliance of a piece, white gold may also require rhodium plating to maintain its bight white colour.
Rhodium electroplating provides a scratch and tarnish resistant surface, and provides a bright, reflective appearance.


Pearl necklace are a timeless classic. But to keep your necklaces looking their best and feeling secure it may be necessary to have them restrung periodically. Pearl restringing is a specialized service and although I do not do this myself, I work with trusted professionals who can provide this service.


Unfortunately, laser-welding technology has become a way for less experienced jewellers, who are not as skilled at the traditional hand methods, to claim that they can repair pieces, cheaply and quickly. I do not use laser welding, I solder by hand. In my experience, nothing will provide you with the attention to detail and quality, that your most precious pieces deserve, except the skilled hands of a proper jeweller who has trained using traditional tools and methods. That is how the piece was made in the first place, why would you use anything less to repair or maintain it?


Over time, the tips on your treasured gems become worn or lose – I offer a re-tipping or claw replacement service that will bring them back to their original secure state. I also offer stone tightening and stone setting for Princess Cut, Marquis, Rounds etc.. Unlike many other local jewellery stores, Dan Taylor Designs provides complete on-site repair, which means that your prized item remains on our premises, where its security and care are ensured.

I believe that beautiful jewellery should be enjoyed every day with a sense of security and peace of mind. So call me today and I will be happy to serve you.


With over 10 years of experience in the jewellery design, creation and restoration, I am highly qualified to alter, refurbishing or repair your fine jewellery. I take the utmost care in providing the following services:

  • Prong and Tip Work: Repairs and Replacement
  • Shanking - FingerFit, Inside Shank Beads
  • Ring Soldering - Sterling silver, Gold and Platinum for Breaks and Soldering 2 or More Rings Together
  • Stone Setting - Prong Setting, Channel Setting, Bezel Setting, etc.
  • Chain Repair - Soldering Breaks, Clasp Repair, Adding and Removing Links, Fabricating Links, Charm Additions

Fine jewellery should last a lifetime, with care and maintenance I can help you ensure that it will.

If there is any service you require that is not listed on this page, please do not hesitate to contact me and I will do my best to accommodate you.